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A Colombia Travelling Guide Will assist you to Make the Most of Your Trip

Whether you are planning a trip to Colombia or you’re simply just curious about this To the south American country, a Colombia travel guide can help you make the most of your journey. From unique mountains to tropical beach locations, Republic of colombia is full of amazing things. With its rich culture and varied panoramas, 2 weeks . country you simply won’t want to miss.

The country is recognized as as a safe destination to visit. However , travelers really should be careful. Colombia was known to currently have high homicide rates. However , the number includes fallen significantly in recent years.

There are some common travel and leisure scams, including currency exchange scams, which are usually performed at night. It might be wise to avoid transporting large amounts of cash. It’s also date colombian women a good idea to be on guard against escrocs.

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Probably the most spectacular areas in Republic of colombia is the SerranĂ­a Nevada de Santa Marta. It is positioned in the northern part of the region, and has a beach. It is also a great place for whale watching.

The Amazon rainforest is also situated in Colombia. Probably the most impressive areas is near Leticia.

Bogota is the capital city of Republic of colombia. It is a great place to start your trip. This town is filled with eating places, clubs, and businesses. It is also a great spot to relax. The upper part of the city is especially interesting.

The country is likewise home to a number of UNESCO World History Sites. One of the famous is definitely the fort in Cartagena. Additionally it is home to the Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

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