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The very best Secure Email Providers

Email is certainly an integral part of each of our work and private lives, nonetheless it’s one of many easiest techniques for cybercriminals to access hypersensitive information. To help protect the privacy, you should think of switching to a secure email specialist. This type of company encrypts all communication between your server as well as the recipient, which makes it impossible for hackers to intercept your emails. This information introduces 18 finest secure email providers that provide a variety of features to help you pick the right option for your requirements.


Founded by analysts from CERN, this free secure email product offers end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and solid data secureness. The company uses diskless computers to avoid saving any records, and it also maintains its data centers in Switzerland, which is known for having strict privateness laws.

Kolab Now

Kolab Now is one more popular secure email provider which offers a clean and modern program and a variety of features. Its most notable feature is that it provides full end-to-end security, which defends your electronic mails from becoming read by simply anyone however, you and the person you’re conntacting. Additionally , the service’s servers are located in Switzerland, and it uses green electricity provider to vitality them.


Tutanota is definitely an open-source secure email provider which includes more than 2 million users worldwide. Its one of a kind encryption technology is based on AES and RSA, which in turn uses uneven and symmetrical keys to shield your data. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface and two-factor authentication, which makes it an excellent choice for users who benefit their particular privacy.

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